Swiss made eCommerceSwiss made eCommerce

  • YourShop develops and runs its own framework. Our technology provides a secure, friendly, and rapid eCommerce solution. We constantly enhance the system, and security is top priority.
  • Our Servers are in Switzerland. We host them in a suburb of the city of Lausanne.
  • Follow the developments of YourShop on our News page.

SSL secured Shops

  • YourShop secures all online shops with a SSL certificate. This SSL encryption secures the communication between your store and your clients. It is a must; because to keep visitors on your site, you have just seconds to establish trust and credibility. Additionally, Google indexes SSL secured shops higher.
SSL secured Shops

Secure by Design

  • YourShop's command set is composed of integers for the FrontStore as well as the BackOffice. An integer command set gives maximum protection against code injection malware. As well as having high security, a short integer command set helps in creating small web pages having minimal ecological footprints.

Secure by SSL

  • YourShop offers SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) for all protocols.
    The YourShop supported protocols are:
    HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol, port 80
    HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, port 443
    FTPFile Transfer Protocol, port 21
    FTPSalso known as FTP-SSL, and FTP Secure, port 21
    SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol, port 25
    SMTPSSimple Mail Transfer Protocol Secure, port 25
    POP3Post Office Protocol 3, port 110
    POP3SPost Office Protocol 3 Secure, port 110
    With the FTPS and SMTPS protocols, the STARTTLS extension allows the use of SSL or TLS on the standard port. The STARTTLS extension on the PO3S protocol, also on the standard port, allows the use of SSL or TLS to be negotiated using the STLS command.
    Using STARTTLS, most modern FTP, POP3, and SMTP tools try to upgrade an insecure connection to a secure SSL or TLS connection. The tools' configuration panel may also help you to secure connectivity.
    Keep your software updated to profit from the additional SSL or TLS security.

Secure by IP restrictions

  • IP restriction settings are used to limit access to which IPs can access which YourShop protocols. You can individually limit access to the YourShop BackOffice, to the FTP protocol (permits maintaining your products and pictures), and to the POP3 protocol (permits fetching your purchase confirmation emails). To use IP restrictions, your company must have a fixed IP address. If you do not have one, contact your IAP (Internet Access Provider). You, the online shop administrator with the master login, can yourself limit access to your YourShop BackOffice to your fixed IP address(es). Ask YourShop's support for limiting FTP and POP3 access to your fixed IP address(es). Securing by IP restrictions is in addition to the username/password authentication and does not replace it.